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Cost-saving Maintenance Contracts in Austin, TX

HVAC equipment operates efficiently when you take care of it. Austin Cool Air offers preventive maintenance contracts for residential and commercial clients. We are committed to helping extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Contract Work

Major HVAC equipment manufacturers design products that will provide exceptional comfort and efficiency through countless heating and cooling seasons. While modern furnaces and air conditioners are very reliable, stress and wear on moving parts accumulates over time.

Regular preventive maintenance is a service that maximizes system efficiency while reducing the chance of an unexpected equipment breakdown. We offer seasonal maintenance plans developed to identify potential problems before they can negatively impact the performance of your equipment.

Man Working on AC Unit

Our Maintenance Services

Routine HVAC

Routine HVAC maintenance will help ensure that your air conditioning and heating system will consistently conform to the manufacturer's performance guidelines. On a bi-annual basis, our certified technicians visit your home or business to conduct an assortment of inspections, tests, and calibrations. Our maintenance programs were developed to address the critical issues that commonly affect central heating and air conditioning systems.

Spring Maintenance

• Clean Condenser Coil with Water and Check for Damage
• Check All Operational Pressures
• Test Compressor and Motors For Voltage/Amperage Draw
• Test All Safety Features
• Lubricate Any Moving Parts per Manufacturer Specs
• Check Thermostat Operation
• Test Temperature Differentials
• Check Filter
• Check Drain Pan and Lines
• Fall Maintenance
• Test All Safety Features
• Lubricate Any Moving Parts per Manufacturer Specs
• Check Ducts for Leaks and Proper Air Flow Where Accessible
• Check Blower Assembly
• Check and Adjust Burner Unit
• Inspect Heat Exchanger
• Check Filters
• Check for Gas Leaks around Unit

Studies prove that our commercial maintenance programs offer proactive solutions in order to help:

• Improve Indoor Air Quality
• Reduce Operating, Administrative, and Maintenance Costs
• Extend Equipment Life
• Avoid Equipment Failures and Productivity Loss
• Save Energy – Up to 25%
• Keep Equipment Up to Date with Environmental Regulations
• Avoid Costly Repairs
• Maintain Year-Round Comfortable Climate